Monday, February 25, 2008

Rain Drops On Monday

It's been awhile. So much has happened. Where do I begin?

So this school thing. Wow, oh-so-hard. I wish I did this when I was 18-ish. It's been a rocky trip so far. My hellish 5 week class that began my nursing school career didn't go so well. I needed a 75% to pass the class. I got a 74%. You know what that means? It means I didn't pass! Duh. So I have to re-take the class in August. Just wonderful. I cried for days. I yelled. I spit. I punched the air. And now I think the temper tantrum is over. I must pick up and move on. So, for now I am just trying to conquer the world of Pharmacology. BUT, I got a tutor! My new Pharm tutor in case things go tough..........well, she's none other than the wonderful expert blogger......the one, the only......Crooked Eyebrow.

Have I mentioned the part yet about me gaining 16 pounds since Thanksgiving? Wow, all the holidays and more all rolled up into my belly! Between the holidays and staying up late at night studying with a fistful of cheetos and pepsi, I managed to outgrow just about everything I own. At first, I thought out dryer broke and it shrunk all my clothes. But, the scale told a whole different story. So, where did More Than A Single Mom go today? To the GYM! All by myself. No one even dragged me there. I decided on not buying a new wardrobe. Instead, I am trying to introduce myself to a healthier lifestyle. And this new lifestyle does not include eating a package of powdered sugar donuts at midnight to give a little boost for studying.