Thursday, November 29, 2007

I Hate Teeth

For the past few days, my teeth have been bugging me. I've tried to ignore them. I do not have time to stop at this point of my life and take care of the little things. HA! There's always something little to take care of.

I couldn't ignore it anymore. Off to the dentist I went. And he has the nerve to tell me that all my childhood/teenage fillings now have to be re-filled. Um, what?? Huh? You are joking right, Mr. Dentist?

I have some deep rooted hidden issues over the dentist. Scarred deeply as a child. When I went there as a child, I had to have a toot pulled. OK, I had to have 4 pulled because someone up above thought it would be funny to put too many teeth in my mouth for a small jawline. Yes, I can talk but it's true. I got a small jaw!

Anyway, I had to have these teeth pulled and I had a reaction to the novacaine. A reaction as in...... it didn't work. The dentist didn't believe me and started to pull one of my teeth anyway. Let's put it this way. Lots of blood, lots of screaming, and well........eventually I had to be put under to have my teeth pulled. I don't think me and dentists have gotten along since.

So now I have 3 appointments for the next month. Thanks a lot scary man in white lab coat.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - The New Me

Me + 2nd interview today at the hospital = nervous wreck

Me + research paper on the Amnesty of Illegal Immigrants due tomorrow = The picture below

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Who's The Mom?

It's been a fun weekend. Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping, laundry, a bloggy meet up, seeing Sheryl for the first time since last year (I think it was last year), more Christmas shopping, the hanging of new curtains and fans, grocery shopping, the start process of cleaning out a storage locker, and 5 days of entertaining my 6 year old. Oh, and did I mention the Christmas shopping??

A conversation between Missy and I while driving to the storage locker today:

Missy takes off sunglasses........

Missy: Where'd the sun go?

Me: I don't know. Sure got cloudy quick.

Missy: Yeah. Hope it doesn't rain. Then we can't get our stuff from storage.

Me: Oh, we'll figure out something. But, I don't think it will rain.

**About two minutes later it starts to rain/snow a tiny bit**

Missy: See Mommy, this is exactly why I always tell you to leave an umbrella in the car.

Geee......thanks Mom. Sometimes I wonder who the child is in our house.

Friday, November 23, 2007

The Start Of A Fall Weekend

Thanksgiving has come and went. We spent about 12 hours out of the house yesterday. First, we went to my mom's to drop off food, then went to see the Tiger's family for Turkey Dinner #1, then went back to my mom's for Turkey Dinner #2. After all was said and done, we finally returned home with our bellies full, our throats tired from talking and laughing, and leftovers for the weekend.

Turkey Dinner #1 - Tiger's family. They are mostly from Germany, Yugoslavia, and other parts of the world that I'll never remember or be able to spell. They have stories that just amaze me. As Tiger's Grandma repeats herself a lot.......I must've heard about the schools in Germany over 100 times. There were 3 boys all Missy's age there that pretty much fell over their feet to get her attention all day. And of course, there's my dainty little daughter in a gorgeous dress, trying to jump off the stairs because it made her dress look like an open umbrella. Gotta love the holidays.

Turkey Dinner #2 - Then there's my family. They are loud and straight out of the Midwest. It included a hung over Aunt, a drunk Uncle, a 4 year old cousin that doesn't understand the word NO, a Step-Dad who just loved showing off his $2,000 new TV, a Little Brother who was glued to his Playstation 3, and a Mother who was way too stressed about whether or not her new recipes would turn out. They are different, they are completely politically incorrect, but they are family and I am even pretty thankful for their crazy asses. Oh, and this dinner came complete with a fire in the fireplace ---- which Tiger enjoyed napping in front of.

Ahhhhh, the craziest is over. Missy and I have the rest of the weekend to enjoy ourselves (poor Tiger works all weekend). It's time to start the laundry, clean the house, and get ready to put up the Christmas decorations.

Hope you and your family ate as well as we did on Thanksgiving and enjoyed your families as much as we did.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

One Minute Inside A Woman's Head

Lots of things to think about. Lots to get off my chest. Cannot focus on one thing. So, let's focus on them all, shall we???

  • I got a job interview tomorrow!!! At St. Anthony Hospital. Doing what you ask?? Um, something called a Document Imaging Assistant. Help me out Crooked Eyebrow. I heard it means Glorified Copy Girl. But, a foot in the door at a hospital is a foot in the door, right? It's only for Saturdays and Sundays. So I am thinking I am still going to have to waitress a couple of days a week.
  • I was hoping to only have to find one job while I was in school, not two. Oh well, shit happens.
  • Missy asked me if Santa exists or not. Well, she's only 6 so I told her yes. She said, "Well so and so told me that he doesn't." I then said, "It's all about what you believe honey." She said she still believes. Whew, bought me another year.
  • Tiger FINALLY got approved for Veteran's benefits for schooling ----- 18 months after he got out of the service. SERIOUSLY? We have filed more paperwork than you can imagine for this. And it was now just approved.
  • I know you are thinking we are expecting a big back pay check for his schooling, right? Well this is America and we DO NOT take care of our hard, working Veterans. They will be re-imbursing him only from this August and on. Um, what about the semesters in 2006 and the beginning of 2007??? We are talking about an Infantry Marine Vet that spent almost 3 out of his 4 years in service in Iraq, on the front lines. And now he is missing over $4,000 that won't be refunded to him? Thank you Mr. Bush. We appreciate it.
  • I am mad at Mr. Bush so I must sign off now so that I don't go too far on my soap box.

Monday, November 19, 2007

New Neighbors

I love getting new neighbors. Nosy? Maybe. Curious? Definitely. A chance to make new friends? Without a doubt. In my neighborhood, there are quite a few houses that are rental property so I often see people coming and going. Recently, we got new neighbors across the street renting. I do NOT like them very much. But they are a subject of a different blog.

The house next door has sat empty for the last couple of months. Everyday Missy and I look for new signs of people moving in. I was very disappointed in my last neighbors. We were kind to them and said hi to them every day. So, when they left and never said good bye I was very disappointed. I found out from the owners they skipped out for lack of paying the rent. OH! Ok, I get why they didn't take the time to say good bye.

But, this weekend I got new neighbors! And they've been hiding from me. I've done everything I could to get a glimpse of who/what is living next door.

I think it's important to know who your neighbors are. So far, all I've been able to see is their very big, LOUD dog. A man's bald head. And someone who walked past the window with a mullet (the gender is unknown). I must continue to work on this. My snooping skills are not very good.

The Tiger thinks I am insane. He said, "Why don't you just take the binoculars and get a closer look for crying out loud???" My reply was, "Well I would if they would open their blinds!"

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Throwback Thursdays

One of my favorite pictures of Missy as a baby.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Someone Just Hand Me A Gun Please

Seriously, could someone just hand me a gun and let me get it over with? I might not shoot myself, but I feel a "going postal" moment coming on.

I think I am in some sort of "stuck" phase of crabbiness. It seems as if the last few days I have been the most unenjoyable person to be around. This is so not like me. Honestly, I don't even want to hang out with myself.

The last two days I have been training Hitler the boss. It's been about as much fun as getting eaten alive by wolves. She just doesn't get it. It's amazes me to no end that she makes as much money as she does. Breathe deep, calm breaths. And think "only 8 more weeks." I keep telling myself that.............hmmmmm, it's not working.

I'm stressed. So many changes. So little time. I'm looking for a night job. Holy Hell, that is hard! I've been working Monday through Friday .......oh, for 9 years now. The night jobs just aren't jumping out at me and saying, "I'M THE ONE." I've applied to three places. And it makes me feel weird I haven't even gotten a call back yet. I know, I know. Don't give up. But, I want to. I want to hide in my comfortable-ness with a good book and pretend I don't exist right now. I need a vacation. Oh wait, those costs money.

There's my bitch session for the day.

Another thing: Gray hair, wrinkles, and a million zits do not belong on the same face. I am under so much stress that I have counted over 7 zits staring at me in the mirror today. Yes, over 7.

Friday, November 9, 2007

I quit! I finally quit!

Ok, so we all know I got accepted to Nursing School. So I need to quit my big, glorious, data entry job of 9 years. It's bittersweet, you know? I LOVE some of the people I work with. But, I might hang myself if I have to handle one more worker's comp claim or listen to another whining mother about how she didn't get her $3,000 child support check in 10 days like she expected. Whatever lady. You forget you are talking to a woman that has NEVER seen a child support check. I don't care about you and your problems.

Where was I? Oh yes.....back to quitting. I finally told the Hitler Boss that I am quitting. Wow, I sure do have some nerve today! We were in the middle of a meeting and she ends it saying, "Do either of you have anything you would like to add?" And it just fell out of my mouth. I was possessed. I have out of body experience and I say, "I do. I am leaving the company in January." Woah? Who said that? And why was there no warning?

So Hitler Boss finally tells me how excited she is in her most fake voice ever. Inside, I know she is screaming. Um, she almost hugged me. I was going to freak out if she gave me the hug. And then she says, "We are going to have to throw you a going away party. This is exciting news!"

As I was walking out, I offered to help her find my replacement or train someone. She looks right at me and says, "Oh I don't think that would be necessary. I think if you just give me and Jackie the run down, we should learn it easily." Ok, you've been here for 5 months and I've been here 9 years. Think my job is just SO EASY to do? Ha! Just for that I am going to password protect all my files the day I leave. Good luck Hitler.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Throwback Thursday

A pic of More Than A Single Mom as a baby. My cousin, Teaching Kindergarten is the cute blonde behind me!

And the big answer for yesterday's question....... I would like to thank ALL of you that possibly thought I was either one of those girls with sexy abs! But, you are wrong. Only Milk and Honey guessed it for sure! I am the one on the right with the leg tattoo. That's right, it's on my leg because my stomach is no where is good enough shape for a tattoo!!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wordless Wednesday - Best Friend Tattoos

I've got two best friends, Jaime and Leslie. We grew up in the trailer park together and have been best friends are whole lives practically. 21 years of friendship is one of my most amazing experiences ever. What most people don't know is that we have best friend tattoos. Can you find me????

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dear Missy

Dear Missy,

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was scared. I was too young to have a baby and not even mature enough to take care of myself. I was heavy into drugs, alcohol, and an abusive relationship. But, then I was pregnant. I made the decision to grow up and to raise you to the best of my ability. You saved me from myself. I truly believe I probably wouldn't have lived another year or two if you hadn't come along. You are my true hero. You'll probably never realize what a blessing you really were to me. Everything happens for a reason, and I was meant to grow up and be your mommy.

When you were a baby, you were as bald as can be. I am so sorry I had to work so much. But, I never realized how hard it would be to provide those diapers and daycare for you. I remember sleeping on the couch each night because you refused to sleep anywhere but in the baby swing ---- for over 3 months! I was tired, exhausted, but your little smile made it worth everything. I apologize for the horrible relationship I was in with your daddy. He never realized how important you were. I spent many nights crying and holding you tightly, wishing for him to come home. I am sure you felt my pain, but still looked up at me with loving eyes.

When you were a toddler, you freaked me out many times with your fast ability to touch everything and anything in a matter of two seconds. And you were still pretty bald. I thought you would never have long hair! During this time, we made the most courageous jump of our lives. We left that horrible life behind. You will probably never remember that horrible night and I hope you never do. But, as I held you in the back of the cop car I just prayed to God for your safety and that you come out of this ok. We left everything behind and started our new life in Indiana. And through it all, you still looked at me with those big loving brown eyes and looked to me to save you. I promised to save you and I did.

As I look at you now, you've grown into a full fledged beautiful little girl. I did everything and anything I could to give you a normal life. Guess what kiddo? WE have made it. You are healthy. You are happy. You are smart. And you are so beautiful. Last night, you came running to me to show me your report card. STRAIGHT A'S. As I cried, I told you how proud I am of you. You laughed at me for crying. I don't know if you'll ever realize JUST HOW proud I am of you. You've been through so much and you deserve those grades for how hard you have worked. I love you more than I've ever loved anything or anyone in the world. And last night it was my turn to look at you with loving eyes because you are my hero. I wouldn't be half the woman I am if it wasn't for you. Congratulations baby on your first report for the year. It's time to celebrate.



Friday, November 2, 2007

Batgirl and Friends

I'm a little late, but better late than never right? Here is Batgirl! She had a BLAST trick or treating.

Lily the witch (our cousin) and Missy (Batgirl)!

This was Missy's bat pose ALL night long. Not really sure why but every time she did it, the Witch followed. Most of my pictures look like this!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Throwback Thursdays

Here are me and my cousins circa 1989-90-ish.........Not sure exactly. We all flew to Arizona for Christmas. Can you find me? It's not hard........just look for the stone washed genes, bad hair, and pink LA Gear high tops.
And for the full effect you can click on the picture and it will get a little bigger. The shoes up close say it all.........