Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Can We Say C-A-M-P-I-N-G?

Every year.....for the past 13 years or so, our family goes to a place called Shakamak State Park. It's 3 and 1/2 hours away. On a boring drive through flatland also known as Indiana. My parents stopped going years ago. My mom said camping isn't a vacation. She works harder when she's camping than at home. She no likey. But, my friends and I take our daughters every June. It's a "girl trip". It's cool because we all have little girls.

But Shakamak is CLOSED this year. We were freaking out. All the storms that everyone have been having majorly affected Southern Indiana. There's no camping because they are on a boil order for water and you can't take showers or anything.

Did I mention when I say camping, I really mean we are staying in a cabin. Yes, I call this camping. Tiger thinks I am NUTS whenever I say it. But hey, there are bats in the walls of the cabin and once, when I was 17 I ran over a snake in the campground. To me, that's pretty damn close to camping.

So, now we are off to a new vacation. It's bittersweet. I love going new places, but I can't imagine not being at Shakamak in June. Tomorrow we leave for White Water Memorial Park (Missy and I call it Shakamak 2). We will be back on Saturday. Bye Y'all.

Some pics from last year. New ones when we get back.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

How Do I ???

HELP everyone! Missy has had a loose tooth for almost two months! Well, it's been at least a month and a half. A really long time. The girl is afraid to sit and play with it (this is her first loose tooth). To me, this is strange. I thought all kids go above and beyond to get some dough from the tooth fairy. Apparently not.

But, now I grow concern. The permanent tooth is starting to grow behind it! Ugh. I had her eat an apple last night. It's still there. I tried to twist it but my big mambo fingers don't fit well in her little mouth. I tried to take a string and just yank it out. That only hurt my ears as Missy screamed bloody murder.

What's a mom to do? I want this tooth out so she has a better chance of a permanent tooth growing in straight. Any ideas????

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Lost Picture

Don't you love when you go back through your camera and you see a picture that cracks you up..........one that was long forgotten?

Friday, June 6, 2008

Growing Before My Eyes

Missy on the first day of school. Seems like that was just last week! Remember these?

Missy on the last day of of first grade!