Friday, August 31, 2007


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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wordless Wednesdday - Randomness

Congratulations to one of my dearest friends, Sheryl at PBJ Boats! Her Wordless Wednesday topped all!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

And We Thought We Were Amazing Moms

Ok girls.........what's your opinion on this article? I was in SHOCK.

Click below

Women Potty Training Children At Birth

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Other Family Is Back

It's no shock to people that know me that I do not like my daughter's "other family." I try not to use the word hate because that's just an ugly word.

But, how else do I describe them and what I feel? I've known them for 10 years and it's been a LONG 10 years. Anyone ever met an entire family from the backwoods of Alabama who feel that their way is the only right way - ever? Well that's them. I constantly get emails/phone calls from my ex's mom to let me know how I should be raising Missy. Last time I checked she had 3 children, 2 of which didn't turn out so well therefore I think I'll take my own chances on raising her.

Missy does not see her dad. Who's choice? A little bit of both I guess. I refuse to go to court to get money out of him. He would need a job to do that.....ha! Work is not in his vocabulary. I'd rather work 5 jobs than call him up for daycare money because he is just a mean, mean, mean person. I have had the same cell # for years and he's yet to call I don't know the last time he called me. That's sad.

Oh well. I heard through the grapevine some time ago he moved to West Virginia. Thanks for calling your daughter and telling her.

So this is the life I live with the "other family."

It's on my brain because Missy is going to Alabama for the weekend with them. Not her dad. But her grandma and aunt. There are 5 generations alive on that side (wasn't hard since they have kids about every 16 years in the family). Anyway, they are doing pictures with the kids and their great-great grandma.

I should be happy........a no kid weekend. But I am sad. I do not like her going away without me because I cannot protect her from that far away.

It's all I've thought about all little girl and her big trip for the weekend.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Angry Mama

Dear Merrillville Bus Corp,

How can I put this professional? Ok so you did not pick up my daughter on Wednesday for the first day of school. I excused that because it was the first day of school and we are new riders. I even excused the fact that on the way home you passed me twice before figuring out the frantic waving was because you still had my daughter on the bus. Yesterday, you came on time and dropped off on time. Thank you. However, today I am mad. My daughter goes to a sitter 4 days a week that cannot just hop in the car and take her to school because she has other children to watch. So when you say your pick up time is 7:25, please do not drive by at 7:10 expecting my child to be on your bus stop. She is 6. Is she supposed to stand out there for a half an hour just in case you decide to come early? I don't think so.

The bus is usually for students that cannot get to school another way. Therefore, as a bus driver, it should be your responsibility to be at a certain stop at certain time each day. If you are running extremely early think about the small children that may not have alternate transportation ways. Use your head, you are a bus service of an elementary school that only goes to 4th grade. You do not have anyone on your bus older than 10 years old. These are our small children we are trusting you with.

And lucky for you, I had a friend in the neighborhood that was able to get my child to school.


The Angry Mama

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Having a baby? Wanna win?

Ha Ha I am NOT having a baby. Let me clarify that before you bloggers start rumors! But I am entering a contest to try and collect some "babywearing." Hey, I'm at that age where I have a ton of friends getting married and having kids! And you just never know....this mom might not be a "single mom" forever.

Anyway, back to the point. I entered the contest from checking out Steph at Adventures in Babywearing. Most of you check out her page so you probably already know about it! However, if you haven't, check out the contest and enter yourselves.

Lastely, I wanna mention I was browsing some items over at Baby Dangy. This morning I scoped out a few items for a baby shower coming up. Hop on over theer and check them out!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The "big girl" Cut

I've always treasured Missy's hair. The color. The length. The curls. She's got this amazing color that is the same as her dad's. I remember still that is what I found so unique and interesting about him. His hair.

Well, after an entire summer of swimming at the YMCA's pool filled with chlorine it was time for a cut. She's been begging me to cut it off because each day it was hurting more and more to comb through. So I finally gave in.

She calls it "the big girl" cut.

Last night we went into the shop looking like this at christmas of 06..........

To this! It's amazing how different she looks! My little girl is growing older by the minute.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Lights? What Lights?

Oh this blogging mom has been under a piles of leaves and trees and no lights since Wednesday night! Where has she been? I am not sure how many of you are Indiana folks that were affected by Wednesday night's storm. Well, The Tiger, Missy, and I have been very creative for the past two days! Here's how it went down.........

Wednesday Missy and I were out and about grocery shopping at night. Our trip to Meijer was uneventful, however we checked out and noticed the big monsoon, typhoon, tornado, hurricane, WHATEVER you want to call it forming outside. I thought I could beat it. I could not.

Just as I was closing the trunk of groceries down it came. And it came fast and hard. So we didn't move. We sat in the car. I thought about going back in the store, but store lost power. Mmmmm, just as scary as the car. Missy and I chilled and sang "rain rain go away". My child was not frightened, but I was! She knew she was with Mommy and felt safe.......I must give myself a pat on the back for not showing my fear!

Finally we no power. But what about the groceries? We got them put away. Tiger is downstairs scooping water out of the sump pump so it wouldn't flood. Put missy to bed and the Tiger and I spent every hour after that scooping out water after water after water in hopes to save our basement.

When the rain stopped and finally at 4 we went to bed. Obviously Thursday's work day didn't happen! I spent the day getting a generator (still trying to save those groceries and my basement) and learning things about houses I thought I would NEVER need to know.

However, the BEST part about it all..........Neighborhood Unity. Tis a beautiful thing people. Everyone within a few block radius was out and about all day and night last night. Some curious to other's damage, some looking for answers, others just bored, and still others trying to amuse pets and children in this diaster. What did I do to help? I made a hopsotch on my drive way and all the kids on my block loved it. We also had a "Hunt for the biggest stick" on the block game. Hello! I got 7 little kids to clean up the branches in my yard and they were none the wiser!!!

But it was all very bittersweet. Our power came back on this morning about 5:30 a.m. I think we did good for having no electricity for about 33 hours!

For those of you that have no idea what storm I am referring to and live under a rock (Or live out of state)'s a link to read on some of our damage in our area.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

One Minute Inside a Woman's Head

So this morning I am craving Mcdonald's.......and REALLY craving it to the point that my mouth is watering just thinking about it. But I started Weight Watchers as of 8 days ago and have lost 4 lbs. Quick thinking about McDonald's! ........Oh the torture. Crooked Eyebrow will probably be trying to snap pictures of me at this reunion so I have to look my best!

I am getting scared and nervous for Missy to go to 1st grade. We moved to a different town, so this means a new school and new sitter. Will she make it through?? Will she make friends? And this is the first time we do ALL day school --- kindergarten was just a half day.

Next week I start that glorious 4 day a week work schedule. I cannot wait for this! I already have a "lunch date" with my cousin. Who would've ever thought? Me + lunch date = a free day off of work! Geez, I am never going to want to work full time again! hahha......I wish.

And that is One Minute Inside This Woman's HUNGRY Head..................

Monday, August 13, 2007

A meme? Tagged? 10 Things I Hate

I've been tagged by Crooked Eyebrow . I don't know what I am doing since this is my first time being "tagged" but I am smarter than the average bear so it should be simple enough.

Food: Not a big sea food fan. I like shrimp and I like fried catfish.....but that's about the extent of it. I can't get past the smell of most fish........

Fruit: Bananas! I developed some sort of anti-banana phase when I was a kid and never grew out of it. Could it be the 1,254,896 bananas my grandma put in my lunch daily?

Veggies: Most of them. It's really not their's me. I was raised on fruit, not really veggies. So in my adult years it's hard to learn to eat them now. Marissa and I are both working on this!!

Celebrity/People: Are you kidding me? I can go on all day about this. I find it disgusting that girls like Britney, Lindsay Lohan, or Paris Hilton are even considered role models for young girls these days. Are you serious? I wouldn't want my child turning out like them.......ever! They are why I am happy to be poor and humble, than rich and invisible.

Event/Situation/Incident: My life pretty much sucked from 1997 to 2003

TV Shows/Movies: Hmmmm. This is a tough one. I really don't like the View. Could you 4 women sit around and bitch anymore? Please, please I don't hear enough of it in my day. Oh and talk shows. I used to love them but if I have to hear who the "baby daddy" is one more time I may have to strangle Maury himself.

Music: Rap used to be cool, but now it's not. Back in the early 90's I was a hip hop fool. Now have you noticed that we give these guys free air time to promote gangs??

Household Chores: I hate doing the bathroom showers and also cleaning white clothes. Way too many white's a bit intimidating!

The World: Ok so I could go on all day and what I feel about our government, how we can't even protect our own borders and how we are in another country killing innocent people daily......and how I don't see the 2008 candidates doing much better.......but for now I'll say this. Impeachment???

About Myself: I appear to be a bubbly happy gal on the outside, but I've got some serious deep rooted issues that need some attending past haunts me... and I can't seem to get over it.

Tag you're it! - Milk and Honey

P.S. What the heck is a Meme?????

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Another New Blogger?

Hello my fellow bloggers! One of my closest and dearest cousins Tracy (we're two of twenty something) has decided to start a blog. Yes I am hooked and I will hook her too! Stop here and give her a shout out and a big hello!

So this picture was taken during one of our "cousins" nights when we were out drinking and bowling (this happens often because we are Irish, it's not our fault). No one at the time told me that my "grandma" sweater was not cute and very unappealing. Thanks to all my cousins for that one!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My Blogging Master

Look at what Steph from Adventures in Babywearing taught me! Without her words of blogging knowledge, I'd be lost as to how to do a link!

Hmmmmmm.......makes me want to post thousands of things with little links. But for now, I'll stick with this one and give my newest blogging buddy a big fat THANKS GIRL!!!!

One Book Down, A Million To Go

So I finished the book "The Notebook" last night. It was ruined for me. I should've read the book before I saw the movie a million times. All I did when I was reading it, was comparing the two. I did not cry while reading the book, yet I cry every time I watch the movie. Go figure.

This line keeps popping up in my head though from the book................

Poetry, she thought, wasn't written to be analyzed; it was meant to inspire without reason, to touch without understanding.

Wow, so it is OK to not fully understand poetry.....every poem I've ever read I've analyzed over and over. Thank you Allie for enlightening me.

Now I pick up another book to read. This one is called "A Million Little Pieces". Some of you may have heard of it. The big controversy book on Oprah.......James Frey got ridiculed on stage because not all of it was true, some of it was embellished. Hello people! This book is about a person suffering from addiction. I always thought it was cruel what Oprah did to him. He is probably now sitting under a bridge with a bottle of whiskey. Thank you Oprah.

Anyway, that's my reading update for now!

What are some of your favorite books? I am always curious as to what others are out there reading.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Hot, Sticky, and a Fun day

So today I go to a Cubs game! Go me.....I love the Cubs. Weird thing is a girl and I from my department are going with a Temp Agency. They are treating us to the game (hell they better I know what we pay for all the temps we get daily!). But I've never been to a game with people I don't know. Should be interesting to say the least.

And tonight I have dinner with my friend Steph. Some of you know her from high school. I can't wait.....I don't think I've seen her since.......February maybe????

So Cubs game today, dinner and drinks with a very dear friend tonight. How can I not smile today???

Here is me and one of my best friends Leslie last year at a Cubs game. I have more but this will do in a flash.......a little tipsy I am here...........think the pole is holding me up?

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

Missy and The Tiger bonding. Tis a beautiful thing.