Friday, May 30, 2008

Hot Lava

You know your kid drives you nuts in the store sometimes. This has happened to all of us. Now, my daughter is pretty good when we are out in public. But, at 6, she sometimes forgets how to act like a normal human being.

Today, we had to go to Meijer. Oh, Mommy already spent almost $200 in groceries there on Wednesday. But, I always forget at least one thing. Even with a list. That's just who I am. Always forgetting an ingredient to something that I currently need. Even with a list. It's very annoying. And not cheap on my gas tank either.

So the Tiger falls asleep early. I take the child. Oh geez. I should've just left her with the sleeping Tiger.

We get in and from the front door all the way to the food section it's skip, skip, skip, flop, flop, flop while she's holding my hand. I said, "Missy what in the world are you doing? People are starting to look at us." Her reply? "Well Mommy I can only step on the white ones because if I step on the gray I will burn up in the lava and die." Well, darn Meijer for having gray and white tile. Not just one color.

Well, what the heck? We don't want the child dying in lava on a rainy Friday night, do we? That all would've been fine if I didn't have to hear every two seconds, "OH NO Mommy you are dying in lava. I am going to be left all alone because you didn't follow the rules!"

All I wanted was some chips for a party tomorrow I have to go to. Instead, I think I was burnt alive in hot lava about 47 times.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Young Buck

They'll never know exactly why he died.

To hear the news, everyone cried.

At the age of 24, he took his own life.

He did this over a girl? But, she wasn't even made his wife.

To us, he was always just a "young buck".

A thug who never gave a fuck.

He was invincible, no one could ever get to him.

And then to go and do this, just on a whim.

To not warn anyone or to say good bye.

He felt his only way out was to die.

TR Thugs 4-ever.

**I just wrote this for a man who was found dead today that I grew up with. We come from a small trailer park that was surrounded by corn fields. As children, all of us formed a unique bond that will never be broken. There's a lot of us, but we were invincible. The trailer park out in the middle of nowhere. We made our own community. Even as an adult quickly heading towards 30, the most content place of my life was in that trailer park. There's a serenity there like no other. TR Thugs 4-ever. That's who we are. To the man of today's blog, I'm so sorry to see you go like this. Take care young buck.**

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wordless Wednesday!

A pic of the Tiger, The Raging Hormone (aka my little brother), and Missy.....after waiting for an hour and a 1/2 to be seated!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Have This New Life........

I'm back! I'm back! The vacation was wonderful, but I was reminded there that it can snow at anytime in Colorado. We ate. We shopped with hippies. We ate. We played with the baby. We played with the dog. We slept. We shopped. And we ate some more. We went to the best candy store ever! Here are a few pics................

Other than that, I have this new awesome life. I am on break from school until June 9th.......and I have to say, it's AWESOME. I forgot how fun things can be! I've been out drinking, catching up with old friends, shopping, cleaning.......and most of my laundry is clean!

I must say, I've been a bit selfish lately. I am falling in love with just working on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. All last week I spent Monday thru Thursday alone. The Tiger and Missy were off at school and work. There is something sooooooo peaceful about being alone all day. I am going to miss that when I have to go back to school!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Proud To Be A Mom.............

Happy Mother's Day to all this weekend!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A "Pat Yourself On The Back" Kind Of Day

More Than A Single Mom FINALLY passed something. HOLLA! I actually passed Pharmacology.......barely. But, what matters is that I passed. Built my confidence back up a little bit. It's hard to study night after night and not get good grades. Sometimes I wonder if maybe I am picking the wrong profession. I want to help people........but that darn textbook is so hard to memorize!

There were these girls in my class today that were getting held back from Med/Surg. Some of them from Pharm too. They were all sad. This girl goes to me, "But, you don't understand. Now my graduation date is pushed back 6 months." Oh yeah sista.........try taking a 5 week Make It or Break It class and pull a 74.2% and need a 74.5% (which rounds to the 75% you really need) and watch all your friends move on. Believe me. I understand.

Less than 4 days until Colorado!