Thursday, August 21, 2008

When God Calls You......

I've never claimed to be a religious person. God and I have had our ups and downs throughout life. I had a lot of tragic things happen to me over time so it was hard to keep faith during all of it. A couple of years ago, before the Tiger, Missy and I belonged to a church. We went every week. I can't exactly remember why we stopped going. But, then I started working on the weekends and church is no longer an option since I work on every Sunday. And starting next week, I will be in school at night on Mon. thru Thurs.

So, then there's Missy. This child craves to go to church. She's the only child I know around me that goes to her room to read her bible (not all the time, but it's random and cute). She has a children's bible and has been reading it for the past two years. She is constantly asking me when we can go back to church. But, I don't know the answer. I am in school for another 15 months so I'll be working weekends until then. And will it be too late then? Will she lose her interest by the time I'm available for church? What am I supposed to do? My mom watches her every Sunday while I work and she'd never take her to church. My mom is about the most un-religious person I know. But, I feel bad. It's almost as if God is calling to my child to come because she has no one religious around her and yet she still craves Him and is so curious.

Monday, August 11, 2008

A Random Night Of Thoughts

Ok, this blog was inspired by an earlier post. Look 3 posts down......when I was tagged. Remember my hummingbird? Well, I was sitting at a friend's house tonight ....... and guess what? She has a hummingbird too! So I said it out loud. I said, "I wonder if you can make a hummingbird your pet." She responded and I kid you not.......we had a 15 min. conversation on capturing hummingbirds.

School is right around the corner! Missy lost her 2nd tooth. She's getting so big. Yesterday, she left the nest for the first time. Tiger stood outside while she rode her bike around the corner to the park and back. I got choked up. It's the first time I wasn't there to watch out for cars and gravel and loose dogs....... what a moment.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Libby Lu Fun!

Missy and her cousin Lilybug doing the girl thang......