Monday, July 23, 2007

Why Can't I Stop Smoking?

So Sunday morning I woke up and had no cigarrettes. This should've been a good thing. I told myself, "Ok gas and cigarrettes are going up daily in Indiana, it's time to give one of them up." So the obvious choice is smoking.

I made it all the way until 3:00 p.m. Then I found myself walking across the street to the gas station to buy more. I felt guilty, but I gave in to the urge.

So now I sit on a half smoked pack and feel guilty with every one that I smoke.

Why do I love smoking so much? It is because I started smoking at the age of 11 and am so thoroughly addicted? Is it because I fear the possibility of weigh gain with quitting? I've been adding and adding to the scale lately and am just disgusted by it. That's a whole different blog.

For now........I'll just sit and feel guilty over this pack of smokes I have. Tomorrow is a different day and maybe we can try this quitting thing again?


Peant Butter and Jelly Boats said...

It's an addiction, I don't think you can just go off cold Turkey like that can you? I heard of someone putting all the money that they would have spent on smoking into a jar for a year. At the end, they used that money for a fabulous vacation. Sounds like incentive to me!! ; )

Crooked Eyebrow said...

If I can can too!
Come on!!
Go for one more and break them up in the garbage, take a deep breath and let's find another means to work off boredom, anxiety and what ever we do when we smoke.

Mine? When I drink...i like to smoke. That's gonna be the killer there.

But PBJboats is right! put the money away that you smoke each week and we could buy something fabulous!

Mine= new coach purse.

By the way, I'm totally freaked out about the weight gain,but I figured I've been gaining while smoking...Last night I ate cereal to get past my craving, it worked but totally the wrong way to go. Tonight...situps, then I'll realize how short of breath I am and realize how wonderful it will be to be able to breath

right? tomorrow is a new day...crumble them away! We can do it!

Ann(ie) said...

I so very much understand. I quit when I was pregnant, got it totally out of my system and lately I've been indulging again and I'm mad at myself!!! ugh.

Have you heard of Chantrix or Chantix???...supposed to be some new miracle quit smoking drug. We might be trying it around our house soon.

Hang in girl. Tomorrow is a new day!