Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Big Hole?

So what exactly is the point of this phase that teenagers and young adults go through? In my day, it was piercings.......and lots of them. I've got the scare on the eyebrow and belly button to prove I was a part of it all! ................ but what happens to these kids ears when they hit 30?????


Crooked Eyebrow said...

I always wondered about those. I don't get it, but I did get the nose and ear piercing back then.

Stretching? I would think that would need surgical intervention...no thanks!

Ok? so who's ear is this?

More Than A Single Mom said...

It's one of Tiger's friend's ears....he was over last night and I asked if I could take a picture of it for my blog! He was a good sport.....after I gave him a lecture!

Peant Butter and Jelly Boats said...

I don't get it either. Not one bit, but I did have my belly button pierced.

chrissy said...

OK I didn't even enjoy the ear pierce (regular one hole) don't know what it's all about!! Maybe "express yourself"

Mimi's Toes said...

I don't understand this one bit. I guess, to each his own...

Gary and Vicki Mealer said...

Imagine what it will look like when he is 60years pld, long wrinkled ears and saggin along with the rest of his bady. Gross! that what. They think they will look like this forever. I don't get it either.

Aidan Starck said...

Right, for your information.
When your 60, they wouldn't "sag" or "droop".

They would have shrunk, and you wouldn't be able to see them.

So, stick that in your pipe and smoke it.


the whole point of this is because, normal piercings are BORING, the youth today want more exciting piercings, stuff that hurts, so that you can take pride in it.


Ms.kurt31 said...

Im with you on that...Normal piercing is too common and boring descovering new amazing stuff would make you feel young and kicking..Those people against it just jealous cause they can't bear the pain...im a gurl 20 of age i had it too and proud of it!!!rock on..feel free to be real!

jesseray said...

im 14 and i have a 1" hole in my ears (next time you go to hot topic look at the sizes it will say 1")
and the reason is that i love the way it looks
its me
i love being different and the 'outcast'
but i hate it when people ask what im going to do when im older
you wanna know what im going to do when im older?
im going to love and embrase my ears just as i do now

Anonymous said...

i happen to have 8mm or 0 gauge tunnels and for some reason the post has no input from tigers friend i would like to have heard why he did it ???

as for me on the other hand i hate it because its always the same question that gets asked why ? or did it hurt ?

well why ? because life is way to short to worry your mundane mind over what will happen tomoro i mean seriously there is nothing that can prove without a doubt that i will grow old and i know what your thinking but what if you do ? well if i do my piercings and my tattoos are as much my quiddity as my way of life is and for that same reason i will embrace the history of my life as much as my body i believe that what you do to your body is a expression of ones soul

and as for the question of did it hurt if it did then your not doing it rite there is no pain i light heat but thats about it so no !

and for some final words people tend to judge to quickly personally i believe that its a sure sign to tell if someone is ignorent does ones looks matter that much ? its like asking why a black guy is black or why a white is white its the way they are yet you dont let it get to you so dont let it get to you

we are all unique and i understand that people whant to raise a understanding about something there are just some things in this world that dont need some divine meaning its just because we can that we do the things we do

no reason no point i know i dont tie meaning to my tunnels i enjoy them and that is the only reason i stretch

but i am glad to see that there is a topic like this with multiple input keep it up and keep it true

Anonymous said...

jesseray is right, i have 1 1/4 plugs and i dont find them gross. its just something us kids want to do to be different. live life in the moment, and cherish every fucking second of it and what you have, dont live for the future. life is wayy to short to worry about what your going to be when your older. if we want to stretch our lobes, then leave us alone and let it be.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly the same reason people get there ears pierced in the first place. They think it looks good, and ear tunnels / plugs are for a more punk / rock scene. Also if its around 10mm wide then it will shrink back to normal and heal most of the time so it wont sag or droop, the reason i have one done is because i think it looks amazing. And it is personal preference to just a stood

Anonymous said...

I have both my ears at 10mm because i want it to shrink back to normal, so what if people hate stretched ears, lifes too short to worry about stuff like that

Anonymous said...

Everyone I know that stretches, as well as myself see's it as a form of art. Just as many people see tattoos. I personally have made it up to a 0 and plan on moving up to 5/8". Anything bigger than 1" is really not really necessary. But I guess everyone see's it in their own way, I just enjoy the feeling of it. I think that in a way it's a thing I can do to relieve stress, and I enjoy the feeling of the skin stretching, but many people just say that's self mutilation, which I disagree on.

Anonymous said...

first off, it really is just another form of body modification. frankly, there is nothing to "get" per se. although if you want to talk history, people who had a lot of money in eastern countries used to do it as a sign of wealth. If you look at pictures of the Buddha, you will see that he had very large stretched ears but no jewelry. That is because he changed his lifestyle and gave up worldly possessions. In a way, it is kind of a sign you at least have a little spare change, because stretching is not really cheap. I cannot tell you the amount of money I personally have spent. It is a pretty dumb amount. The last pair of plugs I bought were 50 bucks and made of Amber. The ones I have now are African Jade... yeah, you can get semi-precious stones in your ears. I am up to 3/4" right now. Don't plan on going any higher. And when done the right way, it isn't painful, isn't mutilation, and isn't that hard to do... but most kids don't do any research and just jam things in their ears which can cause permanent damage. Read up, kids... blowouts suck! and about the comment about being 60 and them being wrinkly... when you're 60, your whole body will be wrinkly and you probably won't care. but depending on the elasticity and collagen levels in your skin, the stretching process is reversible. I have witnessed it first hand. A guy who had 5/8" holes now has 8 gauge holes after 2 years. pretty nuts!

Anonymous said...

wow wow wow i have 20mm tunnels and i love them they give me some troble due to me not cleaning them but all in all if i could have them back to normal i would not to look like i use to but to do it all over again as the reason i did mine is cus i got told t was an amazing feeling and they where right i loved the pain

Anonymous said...

well well, i didnt think i would see a blog like this. i have a 14mm in one ear and soon to be stretching the other one too the same.

tretching is fun, i think so, you buy a 4mm say and then put it in and then go buy another on and its really fun.

it not like you can just go out and buy a 20mm taper and just shove it in, you have to work up to it.
i love how they look..

most of my mates have them, one of my mates has 24mm's in each ear. and another has 22mm's and an 8mm on the same ear. it looks so ..... WOW.

i think it's a part of the metal culture and just is different.

i love them and i will always love it.... althought mum doesnt ,,..,.,.,.,

peace out!!!.

Anonymous said...

ITT: Fucking retards.

Jesus Christ, I know no one is ever going to read this but you are all really, REALLY fucking stupid. They look retarded, they WON'T heal and they're not rare. I know about 3453453453455 people with them. Want to be unique? Start killing people. Not many people get away with that. And make sure you finish yourself off.

Vyxsyn said...

Hey just a comment on this, I am a part of the metal/ hard rock community and it is a really big part of our culture. As previously said, normal piercings are boring, the object of this is A) to be unique and B) because it shows that you are apart of a certain culture. The holes do heal, it just depends how much you stretch. The smaller your gauge is the more likely it will heal. so to the anonymous person above me fuck you you dont know shit.

lostboy said...

And just to chuck my two cents in - Stretching is just another form of body modification. It's about appearance and what one person finds attractive another may not.

Which brings me to my next point. EVERYONE is different. There's no proven size that will shrink up. Generally it's 6mm but some people can go a lot bigger and it will close up to virtually nothing and some people's 4mm's won't close. it all depends on elasticity, age, procedure..

Obviously there's a lot of passionate people who've read this - hence the youtube style argument appearing. I'm passionate about stretching and follow through with this by selling a range of plugs and tunnels. I think it's a beautiful way of getting to know your body. And I'm very pro when it comes to organic materials. Wood, stone, bone. It's a lot better for you than the cheap plastic or steel that some people use.

Anonymous said...

Well well well. I think to conclude this, some people like it and some people dont, just like everything. The people that dont like it wont be getting there ears streched obviously so.. they can shutup cas they have have nothing to worry about. Oh and just to add, they do shrink even from a 28mm, I know.

Anonymous said...

mine are both at 10 and im a girl :D ... i think they look mint!!!! definatly for the metal scene ... but yes they do shrink because i had them at 12 before but i had to take them out for work and they shrinked all the way back down to 0 :) ... but now i dont work there anymore iv got them again XD


Anonymous said...

"The object of this is A) to be unique and B) because it shows that you are apart [sic] of a certain culture." He then goes on to describe that it "heals," unless it doesn't. I'm guessing that pointing out the general and obvious stupidity of these statements wouldn't help to dissuade anyone stupid enough to want one of these things. Apart from their obvious impracticality and ugliness, I used to have nothing against them - until I walked behind someone with these hubcaps jammed in his earlobes and noticed that they jiggled while he walked. That was sick-making.

Anonymous said...

ok to the person above

all i can say is you are very narrowminded let people do what they want its your life so live how you want, and how are they impractical??? sure you may not be able to get a job at some places because of them but i personally wouldent want to work somewhere im not allowed to express myself.

as for the whole they wont close up issue i went from 42mm bak dwn to 12mm within in few months (now strechting up again tho lol)so yeh maybe im just lucky that they did that, im 19 now and tbh when im old and grey i can just look back and think yehh i LIVED my LIFE how i WANTED.

and as for your reason for disliking them wtf?? i dont hate obese people just because when they move there fat jiggles.

and tbh your calling us PEOPLE who have them stupid?? how are we?? if its because we're happy to do it and not care what other people think than that just shows your immature and narrowminded, so you should just shutup and probaly run back to your 9-5 job that you probaly hate and just let us get on with our lives.

Petra Arkanian said...

It's just like tattoos isn't it? It's sometime you because you like it and it makes you feel 'you'. Most of them earplugs/tunnels are quite nice I think, I'm going to stretch my ears also:)

Mcshutit said...

Alreet folks
for a start, the person with their head clearly up there own arse who says that people with tunnels should go and kill people and then themselfs, calm the fuck down, if yer gona get that stressed about shit like this then dont go on fucking blogsites...
but yeh, I have a 6mm flesh tunnel in my left ear. I dont really like the look of the huge ones myself but heyho. Tunnels generally heal for most people below the size of 8mm, if i take mine out it will look like a normal piercing before the end of the week. Also, i dont think people with tunnels have to be part of the metal scene, most people i know quite like my tunnel... it doesnt instantly make me a metalhead...

A certain shade of spleen said...

I have 20mm tunnels in both ears, and i thoughroughly enjoyed the stretching stages =] just like some dude said a few commentrs before - its fun getting a 4mm into your ear letting it heal then ramming a 6mm in and so on... i got to 12mm in both ears because i wanted them to be able to heal later on in life buit then i thought fuck it, i like the look of 20mm's so i went for it =]
i love fleshie shopping, and every payday i always buy at least one new pair.
cleaning them is a nuisance though. the sweet smell of brie after 2-3 days LOL


Vanna said...

You don't have to understand. I think that's the fun of it all. Plus, this needs way more commitment than the eyebrow and naval piercings; next time you see someone who stretched successfully to any size, appreciate it, because it's not particularly easy to do. And we're damn proud and have no reason to hide.

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Anonymous said...

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