Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Sorry ladies, things have been crazy busy in our house. Friday I went and saw Bad Company in Lowell at DC'S Country Junction. Talk about some interesting people! And I ran into so many people I knew! On Saturday, I had a birthday party for a dear friend of mine, and Sunday was all about homework in our little house. I will post pictures later in the week! Good good times..............

Are you all ready for the new challenge? Starting tomorrow, Tales from the Scales is going to help us shape our bodies and minds! If you haven't joined, you really should. There's nothing more I love than TEAMWORK! There is no fun in dieting when you are doing it alone. I don't need to lose a lot of weight. I've recently lost 11 pounds and on my 5'2" frame that's actually a lot. But there's still 10 more to go before I can be pre-baby. Hmmmmmm and my baby is 6 years old. I am a little behind in the dieting department. I hate diets. And if I eat one more lean cuisine I might throw it across the room. Seriously. I need better ideas and alternatives for dieting other than that cardboard box that tells me how many points I am eating. Any ideas???? I am getting desperate and find myself going back to my old ways rather quickly.


My Wonderful Men... said...

I hate the word d-i-e-t, I believe you have to make it a life style change. I have fallen off the track of that life style, but plan to get back on.
I'm a firm believer in Dr. Perricone's prescription.
Here is the link so you can look into getting the book if you want.(bottom of post)
First time I changed my life style and followed his book I lost 80 pounds. Not living and eating like he says I've put back on 25 pounds.
Long story why I ever had 80 pounds to lose.
Anyway good book!

Simplymoi said...

I know you love a good website! (i don't remember if I told you about this or not) I joined this place a while ago, but only recently started really going there on purpose.


It has tons of recipes, message boards, people, fitness trackers, nutrition trackers, ideas up the wazoo! Plus articles on different areas, motivation etc. I love the nutrition tracker because you can put in the food and it calculates your calories, fat, carbs, etc. So, if you want that Wendy's on the way home, it shows you how much it would cost to have it (i.e. if you went over your calories for the day and stuff)

Lean cuisine is a good way to start a healthy life, but it gets old quickly.