Thursday, September 6, 2007

Enquiring Minds Wanna Know

So Marissa spent the weekend with the "others" right? She went to Alabama (that's where her other family is from). She came back with a vicious "hey y'all". Every time I talk to her, I feel like I should be sitting on a rocking chair in front of my trailer waiting for someone named Paw to deliver today's mail.

But here's the interesting thing about the trip.............

I pick her up, we hug, we kiss, YES I cried. Whatever, I cry during Hallmark commercials so this was a moment for me.

We get in the car and the FIRST thing she says is, "Sorry I didn't call you that much Mommy but when I missed you, I looked at your picture on the wall and blew kisses."

Me - What do you mean a picture of me on the wall?

Missy - The one of you and my daddy on their wall. I wasn't born yet.

Me - There's a picture of me and your dad at your Great Grandparents house?

Missy - Yep. On the wall. In a frame. You look pretty, but you look young.

Me - So I look old now?

Missy - No, you just don't have the wrinkles by your eyes in that picture.

UM, OK.......first of all, I am not even 30. There are no wrinkles (none that I care to admit thank you very much).

Second of all, Billy and I haven't been together in 4 years (this month). Think Granny it's time to take the picture down? I AM SURE his girlfriend loves seeing a 10 year old picture of me on their wall. Ok, fine I'll admit it. It gave me a little smirk. And a giggle. Definitely a giggle.


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh funny! My grandparents still have my uncle's wedding picture up from his first wife... and they keep it up even when he visits with his girlfriend of over 10 years!


Crooked Eyebrow said...

That is kinda strange...but I'd giggle too...but so very sweet of her to blow you kisses!

Mimi's Toes said...

How funny! I was just about to comment the same as Steph. My parents have up a family tree with my brother's ex-wife's name on it and their picture. When he and his girlfriend visits, there it hangs...

My Wonderful Men... said...

I think it's great, they still see you as family and they should you gave them a beautiful grand-daughter. That has to be a comfort for your daughter to see that picture when she is there.

More Than A Single Mom said...

Yeah I think it definitely helped her because she's not used to spending 5 days away from me ---- ever! I just found it so odd that I still hung there!

Peant Butter and Jelly Boats said...

That was probably so awesome for Missy to have that picture there. You are not easily forgotten girl, you were part of the family!