Thursday, November 29, 2007

I Hate Teeth

For the past few days, my teeth have been bugging me. I've tried to ignore them. I do not have time to stop at this point of my life and take care of the little things. HA! There's always something little to take care of.

I couldn't ignore it anymore. Off to the dentist I went. And he has the nerve to tell me that all my childhood/teenage fillings now have to be re-filled. Um, what?? Huh? You are joking right, Mr. Dentist?

I have some deep rooted hidden issues over the dentist. Scarred deeply as a child. When I went there as a child, I had to have a toot pulled. OK, I had to have 4 pulled because someone up above thought it would be funny to put too many teeth in my mouth for a small jawline. Yes, I can talk but it's true. I got a small jaw!

Anyway, I had to have these teeth pulled and I had a reaction to the novacaine. A reaction as in...... it didn't work. The dentist didn't believe me and started to pull one of my teeth anyway. Let's put it this way. Lots of blood, lots of screaming, and well........eventually I had to be put under to have my teeth pulled. I don't think me and dentists have gotten along since.

So now I have 3 appointments for the next month. Thanks a lot scary man in white lab coat.


Ann(ie) said...

ugh. I hate the dentist, too. I mean, he's a very nice man, but just going to his office skeeves me out. I had the same issue as a kid....too many teeth for my mouth = oral surgury 4 times.

I SO understand!!!

Mimi's Toes said...

I feel your pain...I had a root canal last summer and the pain meds made me so sick and I almost passed out at work. I have a singing dentist that I really like. He is painless. When it's all over, you will feel so much better.

Simplymoi said...

I wish you could go to my dentist. I've never been a fan, but never had problems like you did either. But the guy I have now is so personable and nice that I don't mind too much going to have my work done from him.