Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Young Buck

They'll never know exactly why he died.

To hear the news, everyone cried.

At the age of 24, he took his own life.

He did this over a girl? But, she wasn't even made his wife.

To us, he was always just a "young buck".

A thug who never gave a fuck.

He was invincible, no one could ever get to him.

And then to go and do this, just on a whim.

To not warn anyone or to say good bye.

He felt his only way out was to die.

TR Thugs 4-ever.

**I just wrote this for a man who was found dead today that I grew up with. We come from a small trailer park that was surrounded by corn fields. As children, all of us formed a unique bond that will never be broken. There's a lot of us, but we were invincible. The trailer park out in the middle of nowhere. We made our own community. Even as an adult quickly heading towards 30, the most content place of my life was in that trailer park. There's a serenity there like no other. TR Thugs 4-ever. That's who we are. To the man of today's blog, I'm so sorry to see you go like this. Take care young buck.**