Wednesday, July 2, 2008

One Minute Inside A Woman's Head

I haven't been ignoring everyone, but I came back from camping to NO COMPUTER. It was almost like losing a child. I came home and noticed right away the bare spot on the desk. Our computer got sick while I was gone. She needed to be fixed. Stupid viruses. BUT, we are back...... and I have 10 minutes to spare before I wake the child so that I can go to school.

Lots to tell...............

  • Missy's tooth is STILL in her mouth. The back lifts out now, but the front? Still completely stuck in there. I am losing my mind over this tooth.
  • More Than A Single Mom has been sober for 48 hours........from smoking. Those that know me know just how addicted I am to smoking. When people think of me, they think of the cigarette hanging out of my mouth. Not anymore. I am trying to kick the habit - for good.
  • Will put pictures up of the camping trip soon. Not enough time this morning.
  • I think my blog site turns 1 this month!!! A whole year of blogging. Damn.
  • I have so much going on this month that I am dizzy thinking about it. I have school, work, and Missy's birthday. I have family seeing my house for the first time in 9 days and it's a wreck. Not freaking out yet though. Will start freaking out next week.
  • Me, Math, and Chemistry have been battling day and night. Man oh man, I CANNOT wait for the summer semester to be over. I'd rather be struggling through my nursing classes any day over this junk.
  • AND if my chemistry teacher tells me ONE MORE TIME that I will need this for my career I am going to scream. Last time I checked I will not need to know the difference between the element Boron and Titanium in order to help save lives. Could be wrong, but pretty sure I am not!
  • More Than A Single Mom is in a wedding of a dear, old friend from school. And she's wearing turquoise. I love the girl........but turquoise? Really? That's just cruel. So I've been on a hard work out regimen since I quit smoking (did I mention that was over 48 hours ago?). I truly believe fat people do not look good in turquoise. Oh, and did I mention the part about how I DO NOT fit in the dress. Major changes must be made.
I've got more to tell, but I must be off to make some lunches and get the little one up. Toodles my pets..........


Crooked Eyebrow said...

Keep it up!
throw away lighters and everything else. Be strong, you can do it!

Steph picked turquoise? I think you'll look great.

Good luck in chemistry!

Anonymous said...

Hang tough on the smoking. When Hubby went through that, it was tough for our whole household for a little while, but it was worth it.

You have such beautiful coloring, its hard to imagine that you don't look good in turquoise! I'm guessing you're being overly critical of yourself. Go and have fun!

btw Great to hear from you again!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

It is like missing a limb when you don't have your computer, I know!

I've been walking a mile or two every morning to take the baby weight off, you're welcome to join me!

Mimi's Toes said...

Glad you made it home from Camping...I kept checking on you and was wondering if you were still there. Congrats on quitting that bad habit of smoking...Hope to see you at the bloggy meet up soon...

chrissy said...

Congrats on the not smoking, keep it up!!
You, not look good in any color? Nope, not true, you look gorgeous no matter the color, I sure you will look totally fab at the wedding!

Ann(ie) said...

Keep it up, Keep it up, Keep it up girlie. Matt quit with Chantix and that is ONE miracle drug lemme tell you. I highly reccommend if you need a little assistance. Happy 4th!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the no smoking!
Isn't is razy the classes they mae us take.. I swear I will never need to know half of the stuff they are making me take!

my wonderful men... said...

Hope you all had a great time.

Glad to hear your back on the computer and that you're no longer smoking.