Thursday, October 2, 2008

Why Children Are Funny

So, we all know that Missy has some sort of relationship with God that I have not quite figured out yet? Well, here's a conversation we had today in Wal-mart. Yep, right in the Halloween candy isle.

Missy: Mom, can I get this?

Me: (No answer. I was thinking. I'm pretty spacy these days)

Missy: MOM!

Me: Huh? What sweetie?

Missy: Why don't you talk anymore?

Me: I am sorry kiddo. I am just distracted lately.

Missy: Is God pulling you different ways?

Me: Yeah, I guess so. I'm just really tired and stressed. I'm sorry.

Missy: Well, you know God was pulling me two different ways, but he finally told me the way to go.

Me: Really? Which way is he telling you to go?

Missy: He's telling me to move away so that you won't be sad anymore.

Me: Thanks Miss. Anything God is telling you for me because I can't really hear him?

Missy: Yeah. He says for you to move as soon as you can. And to wear your hair down more. He likes your hair down.

Me: (laughing)......oh that's so cute. Thanks.

Soooooooo, we continue walking. Then Missy says, "Oh and he also said if you don't start praying at dinnertime, you may not go to Heaven."

What am I ever going to do with this child? She cracks me up.


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My Wonderful Men said...

Jen some time He works though our children because they are willing to listen.

Simplymoi said...

well....who can argue with that? You do look good with your hair down :)

She's your much as she'll change throughout the years, she'll always be the light at the end of any tunnel you are going through.

Anonymous said...

Jen, this is so special, both touching and funny. It is so exciting to see God blessing you, even during these hard times, through Missy's sweet, child-like faith. If you listen very carefully, I'm pretty sure you'll hear Him talking to you too, and I'm sure that would make Missy very happy!

You are always in my prayers.

Ann(ie) said...

You have one precious, precious girl!!! That is so adorable! I love the hair part. hehe.

Mimi's Toes said...

God may be preparing her for the Mission field. She is a smart little girl. God had great things in store for her.

A Single Mom's Life said...

Awwww how sweet...sometimes kids make you think.