Friday, August 24, 2007

Angry Mama

Dear Merrillville Bus Corp,

How can I put this professional? Ok so you did not pick up my daughter on Wednesday for the first day of school. I excused that because it was the first day of school and we are new riders. I even excused the fact that on the way home you passed me twice before figuring out the frantic waving was because you still had my daughter on the bus. Yesterday, you came on time and dropped off on time. Thank you. However, today I am mad. My daughter goes to a sitter 4 days a week that cannot just hop in the car and take her to school because she has other children to watch. So when you say your pick up time is 7:25, please do not drive by at 7:10 expecting my child to be on your bus stop. She is 6. Is she supposed to stand out there for a half an hour just in case you decide to come early? I don't think so.

The bus is usually for students that cannot get to school another way. Therefore, as a bus driver, it should be your responsibility to be at a certain stop at certain time each day. If you are running extremely early think about the small children that may not have alternate transportation ways. Use your head, you are a bus service of an elementary school that only goes to 4th grade. You do not have anyone on your bus older than 10 years old. These are our small children we are trusting you with.

And lucky for you, I had a friend in the neighborhood that was able to get my child to school.


The Angry Mama


Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

That sounds very frustrating! Hope you get it worked out soon.

Jennifer Sprague, All Natural Mommies said...

ACK - what a pain in the butt - I SURE hope you sent that - I mean come on...the bus here is that way too, some days 9 AM when it comes, sometimes not until 9:15 - drives me NUTS!

chrissy said...

I know that there are problems and running a little late and running a little early. Next time call the bus garage, they will have them come back and get your child. I know this is frustrating, I have 3 in the Merrillville school system and my husband leaves right after the last is picked up, come on time already!!! I send the pone# soon.

Ann(ie) said...

urgh! You have every right to be an angry mama!! That's lame.