Monday, August 13, 2007

A meme? Tagged? 10 Things I Hate

I've been tagged by Crooked Eyebrow . I don't know what I am doing since this is my first time being "tagged" but I am smarter than the average bear so it should be simple enough.

Food: Not a big sea food fan. I like shrimp and I like fried catfish.....but that's about the extent of it. I can't get past the smell of most fish........

Fruit: Bananas! I developed some sort of anti-banana phase when I was a kid and never grew out of it. Could it be the 1,254,896 bananas my grandma put in my lunch daily?

Veggies: Most of them. It's really not their's me. I was raised on fruit, not really veggies. So in my adult years it's hard to learn to eat them now. Marissa and I are both working on this!!

Celebrity/People: Are you kidding me? I can go on all day about this. I find it disgusting that girls like Britney, Lindsay Lohan, or Paris Hilton are even considered role models for young girls these days. Are you serious? I wouldn't want my child turning out like them.......ever! They are why I am happy to be poor and humble, than rich and invisible.

Event/Situation/Incident: My life pretty much sucked from 1997 to 2003

TV Shows/Movies: Hmmmm. This is a tough one. I really don't like the View. Could you 4 women sit around and bitch anymore? Please, please I don't hear enough of it in my day. Oh and talk shows. I used to love them but if I have to hear who the "baby daddy" is one more time I may have to strangle Maury himself.

Music: Rap used to be cool, but now it's not. Back in the early 90's I was a hip hop fool. Now have you noticed that we give these guys free air time to promote gangs??

Household Chores: I hate doing the bathroom showers and also cleaning white clothes. Way too many white's a bit intimidating!

The World: Ok so I could go on all day and what I feel about our government, how we can't even protect our own borders and how we are in another country killing innocent people daily......and how I don't see the 2008 candidates doing much better.......but for now I'll say this. Impeachment???

About Myself: I appear to be a bubbly happy gal on the outside, but I've got some serious deep rooted issues that need some attending past haunts me... and I can't seem to get over it.

Tag you're it! - Milk and Honey

P.S. What the heck is a Meme?????


Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

I think the first time I ever saw a TuPac video I was with you- California Love! I'm 99% sure we were skipping school. Ah, the 90's...

Jen said...

Wow....TuPac. I thought he was the coolest thing ever.

Crooked Eyebrow said...

you all skipped school! least I wasn't the only one!

I always liked Dr. Dre myself...snoop? Bow wow wow...

So, Ladies reunion? you all go! PBJ I know you are too far away, but that would be wonderful if you could come!

Milk n Honey is she going???

BTW, thanks for doing the meme, why it's called that I have no idea!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Boats said...

Oh yes, Junior year was a time that Jen and I thought school was an option- we opted out.

And hello- Tupac was the coolest! Oh yeah, I loved Dr. Dre and snoop dog too. The people in Camelot music laughed at me when this all of 100lbs little white girl came in looking for Death Rows Greatest Hits.

Ann(ie) said...

... but for now I'll say this. Impeachment???


I knew I liked you!!!!!

More Than A Single Mom said...

Oh Annie don't get me started on the President!!!

I loved it Sheryl.......we thought school was an option. Hilarious! I was such a bad influence on you. It's amazing your mom likes me!

milk&honey said...

Tupac was the coolest thing ever. He's totally living in Cuba with his mom. Also, my 10 Things is up!

Jennifer Sprague, All Natural Mommies said...

I love these things - it tells you so much about the bloggers! :)