Tuesday, August 14, 2007

One Minute Inside a Woman's Head

So this morning I am craving Mcdonald's.......and REALLY craving it to the point that my mouth is watering just thinking about it. But I started Weight Watchers as of 8 days ago and have lost 4 lbs. Quick thinking about McDonald's! ........Oh the torture. Crooked Eyebrow will probably be trying to snap pictures of me at this reunion so I have to look my best!

I am getting scared and nervous for Missy to go to 1st grade. We moved to a different town, so this means a new school and new sitter. Will she make it through?? Will she make friends? And this is the first time we do ALL day school --- kindergarten was just a half day.

Next week I start that glorious 4 day a week work schedule. I cannot wait for this! I already have a "lunch date" with my cousin. Who would've ever thought? Me + lunch date = a free day off of work! Geez, I am never going to want to work full time again! hahha......I wish.

And that is One Minute Inside This Woman's HUNGRY Head..................


Peant Butter and Jelly Boats said...

If they only knew how much we worry about them! Missy is so smart such a great kid- she'll do great!

You actually get to have lunch with no kids! Lucky you!

Simplymoi said...

I would kill for a 4 day work week! Although, there are a few here and there in the school year!

Where are we going for lunch?? I hope margaritas (or something similar) is involved!

More Than A Single Mom said...

Your birthday, your choice T!

Simplymoi said...

well, since you always come out to us, is there any place close to you that would be good to eat?

Ann(ie) said...

I heart my 4-10's. Best schedule EVER!!

And I feel your pain. I crave McDonald's on a daily basis.


YAY on the 4 lbs!!!!